For what ages do you offer classes? How big is the group?

We currently have a variety of class offerings for children ages 4-10 years old. 

Our guide to student ratio is 4:1.


Where is class held? Is the class held in all weather?

Full day classes are hybrid indoor/outdoor.

Afternoon classes are fully outdoor. 

We hold class in all weather: rain or shine! If weather is dangerous or affects activities (high winds, lightning, etc.), the class will be moved to our indoor classroom. 


What will the “classroom” setting look like?

Our indoor classroom is a 1,000 sq foot studio in the heart of South Slope. We have a wonderful private backyard for daily outdoor play. 

When at Prospect Park, we teach thegroup safe boundaries in which they must stay, yet they are allowed a great deal of freedom for exploration, gross and fine motor development, and countless learning opportunities. We offer numerous opportunities for discovery, creativity, problem-solving, and STEM education. Students will be outside daily, exploring the woods and lakes, discovering local plants, and interacting with the native animals.. 

There are days we may hike deeper into the park to visit the secret fairy village, log playgrounds, or the hidden waterfalls. Some days we will spend more time in our classroom backyard, planting a garden, playing in the sprinkler, or chalk-painting the fence!  Our goal is to provide the students with a balance of indoor and outdoor and discovery-based explorations, small and whole-group activities, and guided experiential learning through exposure to the outdoors, raw materials, guide invitations, and lessons.

Do you follow a curriculum? 

Playful Path Collective takes a delight-directed approach to education. Our guides teach according to the interests of the students and our surroundings. We use our open classroom and child-led adventures to learn about the world around us.  We introduce the following topics to our even our youngest students in developmentally appropriate and engaging ways. 

 Team Building
Team Building is a core value at PPC. We give students space to organically develop essential life skills. Active listening, building trust, conflict resolution, creativity, accountability, and communication are practiced through group activities.

Exploring the why’s and how’s of life. Through adventure and play, we introduce students to a range of sciences.
-Earth and Environmental Sciences
-Wildlife Studies and Ecology

-Food Science
-Tool Safety/First Aid/Outdoor Survival

Our students learn math skills through real-world application and practice. In visiting the Farmers Market we learn addition/subtraction and budgeting; in building forts we learn angles and estimation; in orienteering, we introduce distance and degrees. 

Physical Education
Students are always in motion, hiking trails, crawling through brush, pounding mallets, dancing, climbing trees, balancing on logs, and running through fields. We learn how to take risks while listening to our boundaries and intuition safely. Students come home blissfully exhausted from their adventures.

The Arts
Creative expression is a constant thread at PPC. In addition to modalities such as painting, sculpture, drawing, and music, the arts are woven into our days, stringing colorful leaves together into a garland, designing acorn mandalas, calming sand art with foraged twigs and rocks, or weaving thread around sticks to make magic wands. 

What do the children bring each day?

Facilitators have backpacks and wagons to carry supplies. We ask that all you send with your child is a full water bottle.

What is your daily schedule?

Full-day class.


9:00am- Drop-off at classroom

9:30-11:30am- Prospect Park. Nature education/team building/free physical play. 

12pm- Back to classroom for lunch.

12:45-1:45:pm Rest time for those who wish to rest. For friends who do not need a rest, we have quiet library time, puzzles, and art projects.

1:45pm- Snack

2-3pm- Backyard games, STEM lesson. 

3pm- Pick up at classroom

Full-day class.


9 am- Drop-off at the classroom

9:30-11:30 am- Backyard play. Gardening, STEM, art. 

12pm- Lunch

12:45-1:45:pm Rest time for those who wish to rest. For friends who do not need a rest, we have quiet library time, puzzles, and art projects. Or more backyard play! 

1:45pm- Snack

2-3- Indoor games. Free play.

3 pm- Pick up at the classroom

**Extended day until 5 pm available. Pick. up for extended day students is at 5 pm at Prospect Park 11th street entrance.**

Afternoon class.


2:30-5pm - Prospect Park. Team building, Nature education, free play. 


What is your Inclement Weather Policy?

While our goal is to hold as many classes outside as possible, there may be times when it is not safe for us to gather. On days with dangerous conditions, such as wind advisories, severe cold, thunderstorms, or severe blizzarding, we will cancel the class. We will offer to make up days at the end of the semester. 

What are your COVID protocols?

-Face coverings required of all guides, students, and caregivers.

-Wash hands every transition, when noticeably dirty, and whenever appropriate.

-Contactless temperature checks upon drop off. 

-Daily cleaning and sanitizing of tools and materials.

-No sharing of food or lunch accessories. 

-No toys allowed from home.

-We are following CDC recommended guidelines. 

What forms of payment do you accept? What is the payment schedule? 

We accept personal checks and online payments via debit/credit cards. Families will be invoiced monthly. Tuition for the month is due before your child's first day.  Drop-in payments must be received before the start of class.